1) It has excellent whiteness and surface smoothness which highlights print gloss after printing;
2) High smoothness also delivers good color reproduction and can reduce ink usage for printers;
3) The product has little two sideness and therefore is very suitable for demanding two sides printing;
4) To reach same caliper and stiffness, it could help to lower the grams and cost for our esteemed customers;
5) The product can be smoothly converted with various processes such as water & solvent based varnishing, calendaring, lamination and offset printing.

USES: FBB has a wide range of applications, including cosmetics, chocolate, medical and health care, toiletries, dry foods, frozen and chilled foods, tea and coffee, biscuits, baked goods, clothing, toys, games and photographic products. 

HIGH BULK : 185GSM, 205GSM, 215GSM, 245GSM, 255GSM, 290GSM, 295GSM, 305GSM, 345GSM.

NORMAL BULK : 170GSM, 190GSM, 200GSM, 210GSM, 220GSM, 230GSM, 250GSM, 270GSM, 280GSM, 300GSM, 325GSM, 350GSM, 400GSM.


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