French fries box

French fries box: White / red / blue/ brown clamshell box
Grease-resistant and microwaveable. Ideal for sliders, wraps, and chips. Biodegradable and eco friendly.
Square, single use, clamshell container for hot and cold foods.
Cardboard products are natural and recyclable, and are an affordable green alternative to plastic.
Ideal for sliders, pastas, noodles, wraps, chips, cupcakes, and muffins.

Size: smal : 125 x 130mm

Medium: 140 x 135mm

Large: 170x135mm

Custom logo printed fast food packaging disposable takeaway kraft paper charcuterie waffle chips holder french fries cups

Material option:
1. Kraft paperboard 
2. White paperboard
3. Others
     5.5OZ, 8 OZ, 12OZ, 24OZ.
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